"We have Fun, We Play, We Learn" in child care

 We  have policies and procedures which apply to all staff, visitors,  students, children and parents registered with or attending the session.  Our policies are updated during our staff meetings. Policy Books available on request.


We hold the safety of your child in very high regard and endeavour to ensure their safety at


We  hold the safety of your child in very high regard and endeavour to  ensure their safety at all times. No person can gain entrance to Skamps  Pre-school Day Nursery Bedworth without a prior appointment, all staff  have a DBS and as do all volunteers and students.

When the children first come in, there is a staff member on the door to meet and greet and ensure no child can ‘escape’.

We endeavour to record all reported accidents in the accident book and any incidences are recorded onto a slip which goes home and parents, carers are informed about what has happened if your child has told us something has happened.

Our outside play area now has a secure wooden fence to ensure the safety of the children outside (Sept 2018)

Dropping off and picking up

Parents/Carers can park using the ample car parking facility outside the building but please park responsibly for the safety of other road users and pedestrians.

Parents are requested that if someone else is picking up their child that we are informed so it can be entered into the register and we have a full description, photograph and/or password of the person collecting your child so they can be collected safely. No unrecognised person will be allowed to take any child without consent from main carer. You will be contacted for confirmation.